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Volatile means something changing or changeable. It can refer to:In general: Volatility, a measure of instability In economics: Volatility , a measure of the risk in a financial instrument In chemistry: Volatility , a measure of the tendency of a substance to vaporize. It has also been defined as a measure of how readily a substance vaporizes. Volatiles, a group of compounds with low boiling points that are associated with a planet's or moon's crust and/or atmosphere Volatile liquids, liquid with a high vapor pressure or low boiling point Volatile organic compounds, organic compounds that can evaporate at normal temperature and pressure, and are often regulated by governments Volatile anaesthetics, a class of anaesthetics which evaporate easily Volatile substance abuse, the abuse of household inhalants containing volatile compounds Volatile oil, also known as essential oil, an oil derived from plants with aromatic compounds used in cosmetics and flavoring Volatile ac

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volatile
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