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Visceral Evisceration was an Austrian metal band that blended death metal and doom metal, who were formed in 1991 in Vienna. They were one of the first extreme metal bands to include female operatic vocals in their style, contrasted by male grunts and clear vocals. Their songs are generally long and epic, combining slow doom riffs with mid-paced death metal. Lyrically, they focused on issues more prevalent in goregrind, seemingly inspired by bands as Carcass and country-mates Pungent Stench. They stand unique this combination This lyrical style was also reflected in their controversial artwork. After a demo, they released their sole album in 1994 on Napalm Records, titled Incessant Desire for Palatable Flesh. After the release of the album, they left Napalm Records and changed their name to As I Lay Dying and released a promo in 1995, before they broke up. Discography Savour of the Seething Meat (Demo, 1993) Incessant Desire for Palatab

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