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This article describes the heraldic tincture vert. For other uses, see Vert . In heraldry, vert is the name of a tincture roughly equivalent to the colour "green". It is one of the five dark tinctures (colours). Vert is portrayed in black and white engravings by lines at a 45 degree angle from upper left to lower right, or indicated by the use of vt. as an abbreviation.Though the English term comes from the French word vert (green), in French heraldry this tincture has been referred to as sinople since at least 1415. In Old French, and in the earlier texts, vert meant "green" while sinople was a "red" color named for the mineral paint from which it acquired its name. It is not clear why the meaning of the word changed in French.The colour vert has been adopted as a symbol of the Muslim faith and is one of the Pan-Arab colors. As a result, many Islamic countries have a national flag containing a green stripe or have a flag with a green background. Vert is also common among the nati England Español Deutsche
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