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Verismo (meaning "realism", from Italian vero, meaning "truth") was an Italian literary movement born approximately between 1875 and 1895. It was mainly inspired by French naturalism, and Giovanni Verga and Luigi Capuana were its main exponents and writers of a verismo manifesto. Unlike French Naturalism, that was based on positivistic ideals, Verga and Capuana rejected claims of scientific nature and social usefulness of the movement. Italian verists were pessimistic, and based their work on the premise of impersonality, meaning that the writer should not impose any personal meaning or point of view to his works, which should seem as if 'written by themselves'.-The Italian operatic tradition carried on in the post-Romantic era by a group of composers that included Pietro Mascagni (1863 - 1945), Ruggero Leoncavallo (1857 - 1919), and Giacomo Puccini. These men were associated with the movement known as ""VERISMO"" (realism), whose advocates tried to bring into the theater the naturalis

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