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A vanguard is the forward element of an advancing military tactical formation. Vanguard may also refer to: Ships HMS Vanguard, any of several British Royal Navy ships Vanguard class submarine, the British Royal Navy's current nuclear ballistic missile submarines USNS Vanguard , US Navy vessel commissioned in 1944, originally USNS Mission San Fernando Ocean Vanguard, a British freighter sunk in 1942 by the German submarine Unterseeboot 515 Vanguard class ship of the line, a class of warship deployed during the 19th century by the British Royal Navy Planes Vickers Vanguard, a British short/medium-range turboprop airliner (first flown 1959) Standard Vanguard, a car produced by the British Standard Motor Company from 1947 to 1963 P-66 Vanguard, U.S. fighter plane built from 1939 to 1943 Space Project Vanguard, a U.S. satellite launch project begun in 1957 Vanguard rocket, launch vehicle used in Project Vanguard Vanguard TV3, first satellite launch attempt in

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