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of Gamla Uppsala in Sweden from the 5th and the 6th centuries. Originally, the site had 2000 to 3000 tumuli, but owing to quarrying and agriculture only 250 remain.]]A tumulus (plural tumuli) is a mound of earth and stone raised over a grave or graves. Tumuli are also known as barrows, burial mounds, or kurgans, and can be found throughout much of the world. A tumulus composed largely or entirely of stones is usually referred to as a cairn.The method of inhumation may involve a dolmen, a cist, a mortuary enclosure, a mortuary house or a chamber tomb. Examples of barrows include Duggleby Howe and Maeshowe.The word is Latin for 'mound' or 'small hill', from the PIE root *teuh2- with extended zero grade *tum-, 'to bulge, swell' also found in tumor, thumb, thigh and thousand.Calvert Watkins, American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots, 2000, p. 92.-era tumuli in the Sulm valley necropolis]] Tumulus burial accounts The funeral of Patroclus is described in book 23 of the Iliad. Pat

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumulus
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