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Tronus Abyss is a cult "electro-apocalyptic" band from Italy. They started out in 1997 with a quite plain symphonic black metal album ("The King of Angel in the Abyss"), but in 1999 they recorded "Rotten Dark", an album crossing the boundaries of extreme music and redefining new styles. Rotten Dark was a mix of powerful black metal, industrial, medieval profane music, neoclassical and apocalyptic-folk.In 2003, they redefined again their style with another extreme album called "Kampf". Labelling their style as "electro-apocalyptic", in Kampf they moved toward an electronic and boombastic style, yet obscure and malevolent. Definitely not an easy-listening record, the press defined Kampf as a true masterpiece due to his originality and revolutionary musical approach.They also appear in "Visions - a Tribute to Burzum" original tribute album playing a martial-neofolk version of Moti Ragnarokum and in a Fluttering Dragon comp. called "Triumph des todes", along with other famous industrial ba

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