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CentralHarris, Stephen L., Understanding the Bible. Palo Alto: Mayfield. 1985.Cross, F. L., ed. The Oxford dictionary of the Christian church. New York: Oxford University Press. 2005 to Christianity, the Trinity is the doctrine that God is one Being Who exists, simultaneously and eternally, as a mutual indwelling of three persons (not to be confused by "person"See discussion in ): the Father, the Son (incarnate as Jesus of Nazareth), and the Holy Spirit. Since the 4th century, in both Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity, this doctrine has been stated as "three persons in one God," all three of whom, as distinct and co-eternal persons, are of one indivisible Divine essence, a simple being. The doctrine also teaches that the Son Himself has two distinct natures, one fully divine and the other fully human, united in a hypostatic union. Support of the doctrine of the Trinity is known as Trinitarianism. Most denominations within Christianity are Trinitarian, and regard belief in t

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Gelredome -  Arnhem

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