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Trelleborg Biography

Trelleborg is the southernmost city in Sweden and the seat of Trelleborg Municipality in Skåne County. It has a population of 25,643 (2005). History The first written mention of Trelleborg, in the scarce Swedish medieval sources, is from 1257, when Trelleborg and the adjacent city Malmö were presented as a wedding gift from the Danish royal family to the Swedish Prince Valdemar. It was soon reconquered by the Danes, and it belonged to Denmark until 1658, when Scania was lost to Sweden by the Treaty of Roskilde.In the medieval times, Trelleborg had an important part in herring fishing. At that time, this was conducted along the entire coast line of Sweden, as the herring shoals were of such great numbers that it has been reported how fishermen could stand on the shore and land fish with nets. Trelleborg became an important merchant city as merchants from Germany came to trade herring. In April 1619, the Danish King decided that one merchant city on the coast was sufficient and revo

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Heathen Crusade Metalfest IV
Station 4 -  St. Paul