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.]]Treblinka II was a German extermination camp in occupied Poland during World War II. Around 750,000Treblinka - ein Todeslager der "Aktion Reinhard", in: "Aktion Reinhard" - Die Vernichtung der Juden im Generalgouvernement, Bogdan Musial (ed.), Osnabrück 2004, pp. 257-281. Jews and other victims of the Holocaust, among them 2,000 Romani people, were murdered there between July 1942 and October 1943. The nearby Treblinka I was a forced labour camp and administrative complex in support of the death camp. Establishment of Treblinka , which sent over 310,000 Jews to Treblinka in just over three months.]]Treblinka II was designed purely for extermination, its area measuring just 600 by 400 metres and was one of four camps of Operation Reinhard, the other three being Belzec, Sobibór and Majdanek.Höfle Telegram Public Record Office, Kew, England, HW 16/23, decode GPDD 355a distributed on January 15, 1943, radio telegrams nos 12 and 13/15, transmitted on January 11, 1943. Kulmhof (Ch

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