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Tramontane (Tramuntana, Tramontana) is a classical name for a northern wind. The exact form of the name and precise direction varies from country to country. The word came to English from Italian tramontana, which developed from Latin tr?nsmont?nus (tr?ns- + mont?nus), "beyond the mountains/across the mountains". This explains why in Italy, the tramontana is the north wind (because the Alps, at the northern end of Italy, are the mountains referred to). It also explains why the word has other non-wind-related senses: it can refer to anything that comes from, or anyone who lives on, the other side of mountains, or even more generally, anything seen as foreign, strange, or even barbarous. France and Catalonia ), south-central France]]In France (Tramontane) and Catalonia (Tramuntana) this is a wind that blows from the North-West to the South-East in the south of France and North Catalonia (Mediterranean coast). It blows and accelerates between the North of Pyrenees and South-East of the

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