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The fictional villains of the Power Rangers universe that appeared in the television series Wild Force were pollution-oriented creatures called Orgs (as were the villains in the corresponding Super Sentai series).Information about them can be found below. Master Org |}Master Org is a name that applies to two beings in the story of Wild Force. One of them is the original Master Org, who led the battle against the Animarium millennia ago and destroyed Animus. However, that Master Org was then destroyed by Merrick Baliton, the guardian of Princess Shayla.Years later, the scientist Dr. Viktor Adler and his companions Richard and Elizabeth Evans discovered the seeds that remained of Master Org while on an expedition to prove the existence of the Animarium. Driven by his jealousy (because Richard beat Viktor to asking Elizebeth in her hand of marriage, had baby Cole and Richard stole the spotlight from him during the press conference in which they were announcing they would find the ani

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