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Totenmond Biography

Totenmond (1984-1990 Wermut) is a German metal-band with its own combination of punk, black and thrash metal. History The band was founded as a Punkrock-Band named "Wermut" in 1984 by S.P. Lenz und Olaf "Pazzer". In 1986 "Attila" became the vocalist, but he left the band after one year and was replaced by "Schiff" (German: Ship). Schiff stayed with the band until 1989. Wermut played mostly in youth-clubs.One year later the band was renamed to "Totenmond" (Moon of the Dead). In 1991 Roberto Garcia became the bassist and Olaf has since written the lyrics. During this time Totenmond still played mostly in youth-clubs. Between 1993 and 1995 they released 3 Demo-Tapes, the third is called "Die Schlacht" (The Battle). Their first full-length album "Lichtbringer" (Bringer of Light) was released in 1996 and they toured together with Atrocity, In Flames and Heavenwood through Germany.In 1997 the EP "V├Ąterchen Frost" (Father Frost) was released and Totenmond played their first gigs in the W

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UT Connewitz -  Leipzig

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