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In mathematics, the term torsion usually has one of two unrelated meanings. The first is geometrical, measuring curvature of some sort: Torsion of curves Torsion tensor in differential geometry Analytic torsion (also called Ray-Singer torsion) Reidemeister torsion (also called R-torsion, Franz torsion, de Rham torsion) Whitehead torsion The second is algebraic, relating to the set of elements that vanish (e.g., elements of finite order). Torsion Tor functor In medicine torsion can refer to Testicular torsion Bloat In physics and engineering Torsion Torsion coefficient Torsion pendulum Torsion spring or -bar Torsion field Torsion a developmental feature of all gastropods In semiotics Semiotic torsion (James H. Bunn) TorsionTorsiĆ³n TorsionTorsione????????Torsion??

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