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The torpedo, historically called a locomotive torpedo, is a self-propelled explosive projectile weapon, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater toward a target, and designed to detonate on contact or in proximity to a target. (SVTT) fires a Mark 46 Mod 5 lightweight torpedo.]]Torpedoes may be launched from submarines, surface ships, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned naval mines and naval fortresses. They are also used in conjunction with other weapons; the Mark 46 torpedo used by the United States becomes the warhead section of the ASROC (Anti-Submarine ROCket) and the CAPTOR mine uses a submerged sensor platform that releases a torpedo when a hostile contact is detected.When the battleship had evolved primarily around battles between armoured ships with large guns, the torpedo allowed torpedo boats, other lighter surface, subsurface ships and aircraft to destroy large ships without the bulk of large caliber guns, though sometimes at the risk of bein

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