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Tiferet ("Adornment", Hebrew: ????? ) or Tifereth, Tipheret, Tiphereth - also known as Rakhamim ("Mercy", Hebrew: ????? ) or Shalom ("Peace", Hebrew: ???? ) - is the sixth sefira in the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, which is the spirituality of Rabbinic Judaism. It has the common association of "Spirituality", "Balance", "Integration", "Beauty", "Miracles", "Compassion", and "Masculinity".Tiferet is the force that integrates the sfira of Khesed ("Compassion") and Gvura ("Overpowering"). These two forces are, respectively, expansive (giving) and restrictive (receiving). Either of them without the other could not manifest the flow of Divine energy; they must be balanced in perfect proportion (by sharing), and this is the role of Tiferet, wherein the conflicting forces are harmonized, and creation flowers forth.Tiferet is unique amongst the Sephirot as it is connected to all the other Sephirot (except Malkut and Daath) via the subjective paths of the unconscious. Its position down the center

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipheret
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