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Tightrope walking (or funambulism) is the art of walking along a thin wire or rope usually at a great height. One or more artists perform in front of an audience (a common act in circus) or as a publicity stunt (often attempting to set location-specific distance or height records). Tightrope walkers sometimes use balancing poles and may perform the feat without a safety net for effect. Styles of tightrope acts Tightwire Is the art of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two points. It can be done either using a balancing tool (umbrella, fan, balance pole, etc.) or "freehand", using only one's body to maintain balance. Typically, tightwire performances will fall into one of two distinct types of acts - dance/movement or object manipulation. It is common for tightwire artists to include a variety of props in their acts, such as juggling clubs or rings hats or canes in order to help them maintain their balance. Other artists will take props onto the wir

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tightrope
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