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Thundra is a Marvel Comics superheroine who is often aligned with the Fantastic Four. She is a powerful, red-haired, amazon-like warrior, or Femizon, from a matriarchal, technologically advanced future timeline where men have been subjugated by women. She was created by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, and first appeared in Fantastic Four #129. Fictional character biography Thundra is a warrior woman and time traveller from the 23rd century. In the future society she hails from, Planet Earth is now known as Femizonia, and is ruled by amazon-like female overlord (Femizons) who have conquered and enslaved the diminished male population. The former United States is now the 'United Sisterhood Republic', and Thundra hails from the megalopolis of 'Milago' (a merged sprawl of Milwaukee and Chicago), located in the United Sisterhood's 'Midwestern Republic'. Thundra is renowned as the United Sisterhood's most formidable warrior, having been physically enhanced by genetic engineering, and trained

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