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The Storyteller is a live-action/puppet television series. It was an American/British co-production which originally aired in 1987 and was created and produced by Jim Henson.The series retold various European fairy tales, created with a combination of actors and puppets. The framing device had an old storyteller (John Hurt) sitting by a fire telling each tale to his talking dog (a realistic looking puppet, performed and voiced by Brian Henson). The series was scored by Rachel Portman. Episode list Series 1 Each half-hour episode was written by Anthony Minghella. Only nine were completed: "The Soldier and Death"* "Fearnot" "The Luck Child" "A Story Short" "Hans My Hedgehog" "The Three Ravens"* "Sapsorrow"* "The Heartless Giant"* "The True Bride"* * this episode first aired in the US as part of The Jim Henson Hour. Series 2 Henson later attempted a follow-up, Greek Myths, which had a different story-teller (Michael Gambon), but the same dog. The second series focused on Greek

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