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This is a list of characters appearing in the game known as Snake Eater. Some of the characters from Snake Eater would return in the direct sequel Portable Ops. FOX unit ===Naked Snake=== Major Zero Born in Exeter, England on August 12 of 1909 but living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Major Zero is Snake's commanding officer. Zero is also the founder and leader of the FOX unit, and previously served with the British S.A.S. (where he met The Boss) and with MI6, where he was codenamed "O," from which the codename "Zero" is derived. Zero has a prominent scar over his left eye, although it is never revealed how this occurred. Together with The Boss, Zero organized and planned the Virtuous Mission, and throughout the game, he will relay orders, tactical advice, and guidance to the player.He initially uses the codename "Major Tom" during the Virtuous Mission, a reference to one of three tunnels dug by Allied P.O.W.'s in the movie The Great Escape. However, after the failure of this mi

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