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The Rain were the Manchester band who eventually evolved into Oasis. The band formed in Manchester, England in 1991, getting its name from The Beatles' B-side, "Rain." Founding members were Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar), Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan (bass), Tony McCarroll (drums) (who replaced a drum machine), and Chris Hutton (vocals).According to Bonehead, "Rain were really, really sad. Absolutely terrible. I had this weird long hair, bald on top, and Guigs was really fat. We did cover versions of songs like "Wild Thing," playing these shit gigs round Manchester, going nowhere. Eventually we sacked the singer, which wasn't exactly a smart move 'cos none of the rest of us could sing. So we were looking for a replacement and someone said, 'Have you heard Noel?s brother Liam? He sings a bit.' So we got him along to an audition and he was really good. We thought, right, let?s have him in the band. Maybe we can really do something." After the audition, Liam Gallagher was asked to join the g

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