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The Puritan, or the Widow of Watling Street is an anonymous Jacobean era stage play, a comedy first published in 1607 that is often attributed to Thomas Middleton. It is part of the Shakespeare Apocrypha. History of the play The play may date from the year 1606 as the text contains an allusion to an almanac that specifies July 15 as a Tuesday, which was true only of 1606 in the first decade of the 17th century. The date in the text, however, may have simply been dramatic license. The Puritan was entered into the Stationers' Register on August 6, 1607, and published in quarto before the end of the year by the printer George Eld. The title page of the quarto states that the play was performed by the Children of Paul's, one of the boys' acting companies of the era; and it attributes the play to "W. S." Those initials were first identified with William Shakespeare by Edward Archer in his 1656 play list, published in his edition of The Old Law. The Puritan was later added to the second i

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