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The Four Horsemen usually refers to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who are characters in Biblical prophecy.Other uses:In the comic book industry: Four Horsemen of Apocalypse , a team of various superheroes/supervillains who serve Apocalypse 4 Horsemen, a four-issue limited series under the DC Comics Vertigo imprint Four Horsemen Studios, action figure sculptors for McFarlane Toys In Dreamwave' Energon series, the Four Horsemen were former Autobots and Decepticons turned into minions of Unicron. They were Rhinox (War), Terrorsaur (Famine), Airazor (Death) and Cheetor (Pestilence). In television/movies: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse , 1921 silent movie The Four Horsemen were a group of Immortals on the television show The Series. Fiji, the name given to the four-man alliance of Dre Herd, Edgardo Rivera, Mookie Lee and Alex Angarita In sports: Four Horsemen , group of professional wrestlers Four Horsemen , football players from University of Notre Dame in 1924 In m

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