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That Hideous Strength is a 1945 novel by C. S. Lewis, the final book in Lewis's theological science fiction Space Trilogy. The events of this novel follow those of Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra (a.k.a. Voyage to Venus) and once again feature the philologist Elwin Ransom. Yet, unlike the principal events of those two novels, the story takes place on Earth rather than in space or on other planets in the solar system.The novel was heavily influenced by the writing of Lewis's friend Charles Williams and is markedly dystopian in style. Plot summary This final novel in the Space Trilogy is set in post-war England in a small university town, in which The National Institute for Coordinated Experiments, the N.I.C.E., led by fallen eldila, attempts to alter the true nature of mankind through an exploitation of its members' pride and greed. The goal, if mankind continues down its current path, is the conquering of the last remaining piece of nature ? human nature ? making true man a l

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