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A testament is a document that the author has sworn to be true.Testament can refer to: Old Testament, also known as the Tanakh, the holy scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. New Testament, holy scriptures of Christianity including the Gospels, epistles of Paul, and other writings. Qur'an, also known as the Final Testament, the holy scriptures of Islam. Will , a document detailing wishes upon the author's death and one of the original uses of testament; often referred to as "Last Will and Testament." Testament , a 1983 film about the aftermath of a nuclear war on a family. Le grand testament, the masterpiece of poet François Villon, who also wrote a Petit testament Lenin's Testament, name given to a document written by Vladimir Lenin in the last weeks of 1922 and the first week of 1923. Testament , an American thrash metal band. Testament , a 2005 comic book. Das Testament, an album by E Nomine. Testament , mysterious characters from the Xenosaga series. Testament , a

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testament
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