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Terrorgruppe [1] was a German punk band from Berlin which was founded in 1993 and split up in 2005.The band are notorious for their live performances, involving various on-stage gags and audience participation. Discography Studio albums Musik für Arschlöcher CD (1995, Gringo/Metronome) LP (Teenage Rebell) Music for Assholes MC (1996, Pop Noise, only released in Poland) Musik für Leute wo gern trinken Pipi (1996, Teenage Rebell) (Music for people who love to drink weewee) Melodien für Milliarden CD (1996, Gringo) LP (Teenage Rebell) (melodies for billions) PUNKCERIALIEN LP (1997, Gringo/Alternation) (PUNKCERIALS) Keiner hilft euch LP (1998, Gringo Records) (Nobody helps you) Allein gegen Alle 7" (2000, Epitaph Records) (Alone against everybody) 1 World 0 Future (2000, Epitaph Records) Fundamental (2003, Destiny/Aggropop) Rust In Pieces (2006, Destiny/Aggropop) Singles Dem deutschen Volke (7" / 1993) (For all the Germans) Arbeit (7" / 1994) (Work) Fuckparty 2

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorgruppe
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