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Tephra is air-fall material produced by a volcanic eruption regardless of composition or fragment size. Tephra is typically rhyolitic in composition as most explosive volcanoes are the product of the more viscous felsic or high silica magmas.Volcanologists also refer to airborne fragments as pyroclasts or sometimes just clasts. Once clasts have fallen to the ground they remain as tephra unless hot enough to fuse together into pyroclastic rock or tuff. The distribution of tephra following an eruption usually involves the largest boulders falling to the ground quickest and therefore closest to the vent, while smaller fragments travel further?ash can often travel for thousands of miles as it can stay in the stratosphere for several weeks. When large amounts of tephra accumulate in the atmosphere from massive volcanic eruptions (or from a multitude of smaller eruptions occuring simultaneously), they can reflect light and heat from the sun back through the atmosphere, in some cases causing

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tephra
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