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's optical telegraph on the Litermont near Nalbach, Germany]]Telegraphy is the long-distance transmission of written messages without physical transport of letters. It is a compound term formed from the Greek words tele (τηλε) = far and graphein (γραφειν) = write. Radiotelegraphy or wireless telegraphy transmits messages using radio. Telegraphy includes recent forms of data transmission such as fax, email, and computer networks in general.A telegraph is a machine for transmitting and receiving messages over long distances, i.e., for telegraphy. The word telegraph alone now generally refers to an electrical telegraph. Wireless telegraphy is also known as CW, for continuous wave (a carrier modulated by on-off keying), as opposed to the earlier radio technique using a spark gap.A telegraph message sent by a telegraph operator (or telegrapher) using Morse code was known as a telegram or cablegram, often shortened to a cable or a wire message. Later, a tel

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