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This article discusses the geologic usage, for the philosophical or architectural usage see: Architectonics Or see plate tectonics. (click on map for more details)]]Tectonics, (from the Greek for "builder", tekton), is a field of study within geology concerned generally with the structures within the crust of the Earth (or other planets) and particularly with the forces and movements that have operated in a region to create these structures.Tectonics is concerned with the orogenies and tectonic development of cratons and tectonic terranes as well as the earthquake and volcanic belts which directly affect much of the global population. Tectonic studies are also important for understanding erosion patterns in geomorphology and as guides for the economic geologist searching for petroleum and metallic ores.A subfield of tectonics that deals with tectonic phenomena in the geologically recent period is called neotectonics.Tectonic studies have application to lunar and planetary studies wh

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tectonic
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