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The abbreviations TC or T.C. may refer to multiple meanings:In Biology Testicular Cancer Total Cholesterol In Chemistry and Physics Technetium (symbol Tc), a chemical element Teracoulomb, an SI unit for electric charge equal to 1012 coulombs Tesla coil, a category of high-voltage discharge coils Thermocouple, a widely used type of temperature sensor. "To contain", on laboratory glassware Tonnes of carbon (tC) In Computers IEEE Transactions on Computers, a computer science journal. TopCoder, company which administers contests in computer programming. Topic Creator, individual who starts an internet forum thread or discussion TrueCrypt, free open-source disk encryption software. .TC internet domain name suffix = Turks and Caicos islands Trusted Computing a scheme for adding additional controls on what computers may or may not do into hardware or software Total conversion, a game modification that completely changes the games content. Test Center, a duplicated serve

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    Nessun brano in archivio per l'artista

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