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Tao or Dao (?, Pinyin: Dào, Cantonese: Dou) is a Chinese character often translated as ?The way of nature'. In ancient China, dao could be modified by other nouns. Tao is simply the way and order of the Universe.Lao Tsu (Lao Tzu, Lao Zi) taught that the wisest approach was a way of ?non struggle action? ("Wuwei"or "wu wei") ? not inaction but rather a harmonisation of one?s personal will with the natural harmony and justice of Nature. ?The World is ruled by letting things take their natural course. It cannot be ruled by going against nature or arrogance.? (Tao Te Ching; Verse 48). It also means that the individual should do things natural to tao and appropriate to do in his circumstances, thus serving as an instrument of the Law rather than doing the things as individuals. That is why no one should take any credit for things done. Nature is stabilized by order, and humans along with all other natural phenomena exist within nature. Attempting to force one's own path is arrogant, fut

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