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provide overwatch for other troops with their M1 Abrams main battle tank in Biaj, Iraq.]]A tank is a tracked armoured combat vehicle designed to engage enemies head-on, using direct fire from a large-calibre gun and supporting fire from machine guns. Heavy armour as well as a high degree of mobility give it protection, while the tracks allow it to cross even rough terrain at relatively high speeds.Tanks were invented and first manufactured for World War I in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, by the British Army, to break the deadlock of trench warfare; enabling troops to cross the "swept zone" (area under hostile fire) more rapidly than infantry. The breakthrough was then ideally to be followed up by deep penetration into enemy rear areas, supported by high mobility. Tanks seldom operate alone, being organised into armoured units, usually in combined arms forces. Without such support, tanks are vulnerable to special anti-tank artillery, other tanks, anti-tank mines, and (at short ranges) infantry

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank
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