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Taberah (Hebrew: ?????) is one of the locations at which, according to the Book of Numbers, the Israelites passed through during their Exodus journey. The biblical narrative states that the place received its name, which means burningCheyne and Black, Encyclopedia Biblica, because Yahweh had set fire to the Israelites there, as vengeance against their continued complaints; the text states that the fire first combusted the people at the outer edges of the Israelite group, and was extinguished when Moses prayed on the people's behalf. According to biblical scholars, this is merely an aetiological myth to theologically justify a pre-existing namePeake's commentary on the BibleAccording to textual scholars, the account concerning Taberah is part of the Elohist text, and occurs at the same point in the Exodus narrative as the account of Kibroth Hattaavah in the Jahwist textPeake's commentary on the BibleCheyne and Black, Encyclopedia Biblica; indeed, one or both of Tabarah (?????) and Hatta

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