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Rawlins Cross Biography

Rawlins Cross was a Newfoundland Celtic Rock band that formed in 1988. The band took its name from a famous intersection in St. John's, Newfoundland, since all of the original members of the band lived quite close to it. After many successful tours, awards, and six CD releases, including two on the Warner label, the band disbanded in 2001. Style Rawlins Cross mixed Scottish, Irish, Celtic, and Rock'n'Roll elements together to create their own unique sound. Their style ranged from Celtic-instrumental to blues to folk, always with a strong rhythmic feeling, and combined contemporary song stylings with traditional instrumentation and story elements. The principal songwriters were brothers Dave and Jeff Panting. Bagpiper Ian McKinnon was and is notable for his ability to play classic rock guitar riffs on Highland pipes. The instrumental combination of McKinnon's warpipes with the Panting brothers' aggressively electrified mandolin and accordion made the appellation "Celtic rock" part

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rawlins Cross
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