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Psyco is a specializing compiler / just-in-time compiler for Python developed by Armin Rigo. While Psyco does not significantly improve the speed of I/O-bound applications, it can noticeably speed up CPU-bound applications. The actual speedup depends greatly on application and varies from slight slowdown (quite rare) to 100x speedup (also quite rare).Currently, Psyco only runs on Linux and Windows based 32-bit Intel-compatible processors and is feature complete, so no further development is expected to take place. A follow-up project to Psyco which has a broader scope is PyPy. See also PyPy YARV External links The Psyco home page David Mertz's IBM developerWorks article Make Python run as fast as C with Psyco Python softwarePython implementationsPsyco???Psyco

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