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A psychonaut (from the Greek ??????????, meaning literally a sailor of the mind/soul) is a person who uses trance technologies from any of the world's religions, modern psychology, meditation, and other assorted paradigms, to explore the psyche, their own consciousness, and potentially improve real performance of certain psychological tasks. The term is very often associated, specifically, with the use of hallucinogens/entheogens as guides, or means, to this end. This is quite distinct from religious use, or social and leisure use of drugs, although these can overlap.According to Jonathan Ott, the word psychonaut was originally coined by the German author Ernst J├╝nger. Use of the term Psychonaut is a modern term used to describe one who uses trance technologies and, more specifically mind-altering substances, more for their ability to act as entheogens than for their inebriating (or social) effect. In effect, they are used as a means to achieve states of mind in which different per

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