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For other uses of the term pronoia, please see Pronoia . Pronoia (plural pronoiai, Greek for "provisions") refers to a system of land grants in the Byzantine Empire. The Early Pronoia System By the 11th century, Byzantine aristocrats had ceased to hold any significant power, clinging instead to the honorific titles they held by virtue of being related to the ruling emperor. These were often used to bid for power within the government, sometimes at as high a level as the throne itself. By the reign of Constantine IX in the middle part of the century they had also begun to assert sovereignty over various parts of the empire, collecting taxes for themselves and often plotting rebellions against the emperor.In the late 11th century Alexius I attempted to reform the aristocracy, taking the pacifying measure of distributing Byzantine territory amongst its members. Doing so had the added benefit of removing them from Constantinople, making it harder for them to directly challenge the empe

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