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Post-mortem might refer to: Post-mortem examination, an examination of a corpse in order to determine cause of death Post mortem interval, the time that has elapsed after a person has died Postmortem studies, a neurobiological research method Postmortem , a novel by author Patricia Cornwell Post-Mortem , a 1932 play by Noel Coward Postmortem , a 1998 film starring Charlie Sheen Post Mortem , a 2003 adventure game Post-mortem photography, a style of photography popular in the 19th century Post Mortem , a death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Postmortem , a death metal band from Berlin, Germany. Postmortem, a song from Slayer's 1986 album Reign in Blood Colloquially, "post-mortem" may refer to any after-the-fact discussion or analysis Post mortemPost mortem

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