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The Blue Monkey or Diademed Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) is a species of guenon native to various parts of east, central and southern Africa, including the Congo River basin. Subspecies Several subspecies are recognised. They include: Cercopithecus mitis mitis, found in Malawi Cercopithecus mitis heymansi Stuhlmann's Blue Monkey, Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni Elgon Blue Monkey, Cercopithecus mitis elgonis Cercopithecus mitis botourlinii Cercopithecus mitis opitsthosticus At times some of these have been regarded as full species, while others are not recognised by all authorities as deserving subspecific status and still others not listed have been elevated to full species. The name Samango is sometimes applied to several subspecies, particularly C. m. mitis. Description Despite its name, the Blue Monkey is not noticeably blue: it has little hair on its face, and this does sometimes give a blue appearance, but it never has the vivid blue appearance of a mandrill, for exam

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