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A playpen is a piece of furniture in which an infant or young toddler (typically those less than 35" tall and 30 lbs) is placed to prevent them from causing harm to themselves when their parent or guardian is preoccupied. The earliest use of the word playpen cited in the Oxford English Dictionary is 1902. More recently they have also been called "playards".Playpens were traditionally made of wood, and consisted of a flat rectangular platform, usually square in shape, with vertical bars on four sides, so that the child can see out. The floor of the playpen is usually a soft mat. The walls of the playpen are usually higher than the height of the child, so as to avoid climbing injuries; playpens may also have a detachable lid. There are many more modern and portable designs.Modern playpens are portable and typically consist of a basic metal and plastic support system and mesh, soft plastic or nylon sides. An optional removable bassinet can be attached at the top for the child to sleep in

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