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Piero Piccioni (December 6 1921 - July 23 2004), was an Italian pianist, organist, conductor, composer, and prolific author of more than 200 film soundtracks. Biography Piero Piccioni was born in Turin, Piedmont. His mother’s maiden name was Marengo, hence his pseudonym Piero Morgan, which he adopted until 1957.When he was growing up his father, Attilio Piccioni (a prominent member of the Christian Democratic Party with the post-war Italian government), would frequently take him to hear concerts at the E.I.A.R. Radio Studios in Florence. Having listened to jazz throughout his childhood (he dearly loved Art Tatum and Charlie Parker) and without attending studies at the Conservatoire Academy of Music, Piero Piccioni became an extremely talented self-taught musician.Piccioni made his radio debut with his 013 Big Band in 1938, but only returned on air after the liberation of Italy in 1944. His 013 was the first Italian jazz band to be broadcast in Italy after the fall of fascism

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero Piccioni
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