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Pierangelo Bertoli Biography

Pierangelo Bertoli (November 5, 1942 - October 7, 2002) was an Italian singer-songwriter and poet. Close to libertarian communist issues his works told mainly about environment, laïcité, antimilitarism and social issues regarding marginalized and rebellious people. Biography Born in Sassuolo, in the Province of Modena and belonging to a working class family, when he was 4 he suffered of poliomyelitis and he lost use of his legs. He started his career of singer at the end of 1973 with the album Rosso colore dell'amore Edited in 1974 and one year later with the self-produced album Roca Blues. One of his most famous album was the one of 1979, A muso duro.Married with Bruna, he had 3 sons, Emiliano, Petra and Alberto, also him a singer.In 1990 he collaborate with Elio e le Storie Tese, and in 1991 (with Tazenda) and 1992 he tooks part to the Sanremo Music Festival.His last album, 301 guerre fa (2002) was composed with the collaboration of his son Alberto and Luciano Ligabue.Bertoli
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