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Phalanx (Greek word from phalangos, meaning Finger) can refer to: phalanx bones in hands and feet Phalanx CIWS, a US Navy defense system to protect against an anti-ship missile Phalanx , a species of villainous mechanical aliens in Marvel Comics, most recently appearing in Conquest. phalanx formation in ancient warfare semantics/Phalanx The Phalanx, a Fourierist journal North American Phalanx, a utopian community organized on proto-communist Fourierist principles Phalanstère, a building layout developed by utopian socialist Charles Fourier Phalanx art school, a private art school in Munich Phalanx , a chess-playing program Phalanx , a Super NES and Game Boy Advance video game Phalanx the 13th Colossus from the video game Shadow of the Colossus The Spanish Falange. The Lebanese Kataeb Party. The falanges (legions of spirits) of the Brazilian Umbanda religion. Phalanx Falange FalangePhalangeFalangoFalangeFalangaFalangismeFalanga???????Falanga

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