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Perpetua redirects here. For other uses, see Perpetua For the other saint named Felicitas, see Felicitas of Rome. Perpetua and Felicitas are two 3rd century Christian martyrs venerated as saints. Perpetua was a 22-year old married woman, while her co-martyr Felicitas or Felicity was her slave. They suffered together at Carthage. Their sufferings in prison, the angry and then despairing attempts of Perpetua's father to induce her to renounce Christianity, the vicissitudes of the martyrs before their execution, the visions of Saturus and Perpetua in their dungeons, were all committed to writing by the last two, in a genre of text that is technically called a "Passion." Year Their date of their martyrdom is traditionally given as March 6, 203. The association of the martyrdom with a birthday festival of the Emperor Geta, however, would seem to place it after 209, when Geta was made caesar, though before 211, when he was assassinated. The Acta notes that the martyrdom occurred in the

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