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The perimeter is the distance around a given two-dimensional object. The word perimeter is a Greek root meaning measure around, or literally "around measure". Practical uses Perimeter and area play a great role in today's world. Perimeter is used in calculating the border of an object such as a yard or flowerbed when a fence or other border is being installed around the edges. Area is used when all the area inside of a perimeter is being covered with something, such as a yard being covered with sod or fertilizer. Formulas Polygons As a general rule, the perimeter of a polygon can always be calculated by adding all the length of the sides together.So, the formula for triangles is P=a+b+c, where a, b and c stand for each side of it. For quadrilaterals the equation is P=a+b+c+d. For equilateral polygons, P=na, where n is the number of sides and a is the measure of the side. Circles For circles the equation is P = 2 cdot pi cdot r or P = d cdot pi P stands f

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