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A pentacle or pantacle (in Thelema)Crowley, Aleister. Liber CLXV. Available here. Accessed 21 June 2007. is an amulet used in magical evocation, generally made of parchment, paper or metal (although it can be of other materials), on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being evoked is drawn. It is often worn around the neck, or placed within the triangle of evocation. Protective symbols may also be included (sometimes on the reverse), a common one being the five-point Seal of Solomon, called a pentacle of Solomon or pentangle of Solomon.OED, Second Edition, 1989 Many varieties of pentacle can be found in the grimoires of Solomonic magic; they are also used in some neopagan magical traditions, such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools.The relationship between the words pentacle and pentagram (a five-point unicursal star) is unclear. The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition) treats the two as apparently synonymous, but notes that the actual history of pentacle is obscure. In

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