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Parricide (Latin "parricida", killer of a close relative) stemming from (Latin "parri", alike or equal, and "-cida", -cide, or killer)is defined as: the act of murdering one's father, mother, or other close relative the act of murdering a person (such as the ruler of one's country) who stands in a relationship resembling that of a father a person who commits such an act Notes Various definitions exist of the term parricide. The biggest discrepancy is whether or not the killing has to be defined as a murder (usually killing with malice aforethought) to qualify as a parricide.In pre-revolutionary France, cases of notoriously accidental killings were still treated as parricides, with the offenders facing the extra harsh penalties destined for authors of such heinous crimes.Ancient Rome had a unique punishment for parricide, which is described in gruesome detail in Steven Saylor's novel Roman Blood, based on one of Cicero's actual murder trials. The felon was severely scourged then s

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