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A parish is a type of administrative subdivision. It is used by some Christian churches, usually liturgical churches, and also by the civil government in a number of countries (see civil parish). Etymology The term "Parish" derives from Anglo-Fr. parosse (1075), later paroche (1292), from O.Fr. paroisse, from Latin paroechia = "diocese", from Greek ???????? = "district" or "diocese", from Greek ???? = "beside", ????? = "house". The Hellenistic Greek term ???????? originally meant "sojourn in a foreign land" (in the Septuagint) or "community of sojourners", with reference to the Jewish people in a foreign land (1st cent. B.C.), and later with reference to earthly life as a temporary abode (1st cent. A.D., also New Testament: 1 Peter 1:17, 2:11); the term hence was applied to "Christian community" (3rd cent.), "diocese" (3rd cent.), and ultimately "parish" (4th cent.).The alternate Latin spelling parochia which serves as the ultimate origin of the English word, arose from confusion wi

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