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Since the late 1960s, the word paradigm () has referred to a thought pattern in any scientific discipline or other epistemological context. Initially the word was specific to grammar: the 1900 Merriam-Webster dictionary defines its technical use only in the context of grammar or, in rhetoric, as a term for an illustrative parable or fable.In linguistics, Ferdinand de Saussure used paradigm to refer to a class of elements with similarities. Etymology The word paradigm comes from the Greek word ?????????? (paradeigma) which means "pattern" or "example", from the word ????????????? (paradeiknunai) meaning "to demonstrate". Scientific paradigm Historian of science, Thomas Kuhn, gave this word its contemporary meaning when he adopted it to refer to the set of practices that define a scientific discipline during a particular period of time. Kuhn himself came to prefer the terms exemplar and normal science, which have more exact philosophical meanings. However, in his book The Structure o

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