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This article is about the river. For other uses, see Padma . The Padma (Bangla: ????? P├┤dda) is a major trans-boundary river in Bangladesh. It is the main distributary of the Ganges , which originates in the Himalaya. The Padma enters Bangladesh from India near Chapai Nababganj. It meets the Jamuna near Aricha and retains its name, but finally meets with the Meghna River near Chandpur and adopts the name 'Meghna' before flowing into the Bay of Bengal.Rajshahi, a major city in western Bangladesh, is situated on the north bank of the Padma. Course Originated in the Gangotri Glacier of the Himalaya, the Ganges runs to the Bay of Bengal through India, entering Bangladesh at Shibganj in the district of Chapai Nababganj. Just west of Shibganj, the distributary Bhagirathi emerges and flows southwards as the Hooghly. After the point where the Bhagirathi branches off, the Ganges is officially referred to as the Padma.Further downstream, in Goalando, 2200 km away from the source, the Padm

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